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“The environment you live in should be a reflection of you”


We’re a residential interior design firm providing modern design based in Kelowna BC. We have been delivering luxury design projects for 20 years in BC, Alberta, New York, Arizona, Idaho and California. Our interpersonal interaction allows us to take the stress out of an otherwise multi-faceted process while ensuring your functional requirements and personal image are captured in your customized design. We focus on maximizing the potential of your space, while reflecting your style, and honouring your budget.

Working together, we explore every opportunity to make well-informed decisions. The result is always uniquely beautiful, functional, and tailored, with a strong focus on architectural integration. Our professionalism and knowledge of the design and building industry adds value to your experience.

How does a young girl growing up in the rural countryside of Alberta become an interior designer? Not the typical path…my first inspiration came from my European grandmother’s impeccable fashion style. Her endless attention to detail first influenced my journey. Upon completing Design at the University of Alberta, I started my career in the designer fashion industry; wanting to inspire by presenting high fashion into our daily lives. Soon my interests expanded to architecture and interior design. My journey started to take shape. Creating beautifully tailored, modern living spaces became a true passion. In 2006, I started an interior design company in Calgary, always working closely with my clients though a collaborative process, ensuring their personal style is reflected in their new home.

Evelyn Hulet

There is no greater joy in my career than easing the burden clients face building and helping them navigate the endless number of available choices. Being able to transform their dreams and inspirations into a space that is not only beautiful, but functional and feels like home.

I now live in Kelowna with my husband and business partner Philip, and our 6-pound dog, Cosette, whose personality is larger than life. They inspire me everyday. We are drawn to the natural landscape of the hills, lakes, and vineyards. Together, we love to explore the region’s wineries and the farm to table cooking with incredible offerings available in the Okanagan..

Thank you for following along and allowing me to share my passion with you. I hope you feel inspired to achieve your desired living space.

Philip Hulet

My career in interior design began to take shape after spending time with Evelyn on her projects and subsequently, taking on a few projects together.  25 years in the software and consulting industry developing an executive skill set, living in Europe and the Middle East while travelling over 60 countries, I’ve learned invaluable skills and experiences that I apply to our business to make it a uniquely rewarding experience for our clients and for us. Today we make the Okanagan home enjoying the many cultural and leisure offers and refining our knowledge of regional wines and our culinary skills.


Motivator and Security

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